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Tim Nassen

Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, Former Strongman

DOB: June 10

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2017 NPC Battle of the Bodies - 2nd (Masters +50)
2016 NPC All Star Championships - 2nd (Masters +50)
2016  NPC Duel of Champions - Champion (Masters +50)
2016  NPC Muscle Mayhem - 2nd (Masters +50)
2015 NPC All Star Championships - Champion (Masters +50)
2015 NPC Mr. Missouri - Champion (Masters +50)
2013 Kansas Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2011 Dino Gym Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2010 Kansas Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2009 Missouri's Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2008 Topeka's Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2008 Mid West Strongest Man - Champion (Masters)
2007 Nebraska's Strongest Man - 2nd (Masters)
2006 KC Strongman Ironman of the Year


"HMB was a huge part of my contest prep.  I feel that this product protected as much muscle as it could through the diet and cardio part of prep.  I always felt strong and my muscle felt full as I dieted down to contest condition!"


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