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Tate Fisher

CrossFit Athlete/Coach

DOB: June 26

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2016 MBS Turkey Challenge
2016 Winter WODfest
2015 Alpine Crossfit Legends
2014 FRCF Colorado Open
2013 FRCF Colorado Open
2013 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
2012 FRCF Colorado Open
2012 MBS Turkey Challenge Pro Team
2011 FRCF Colorado Open
2011 MBS Turkey Challenge – Individual
2010 FRCF Colorado Open
1994-1996 Baylor Women’s Soccer

Lifting PR’s:
Backsquat: 210
Deadlift: 315
Snatch: 115
Clean & Jerk: 155
Bench: 140

"With the first couple weeks of adding HMB supplements to my diet, I had more energy going into WODs, more endurance throughout, and my recovery decreased in time and increased in quality. I look forward to seeing even greater gains with HMB!"

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