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David Douglas

Powerlifter/Strength Athlete

DOB: March 3

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2017  CETC US Open Powerlifting Championships - 3rd
2016  USPA National Championships - 606 lb. bench press (California State Record/5th Nationwide)
2016  USPA American Cup - 1st
2015  USPA American Cup - 1st (2,171 lbs. total - 5th in the Nation)
2014  Relentless Minnesota Powerlifting Meet - 562 lb. raw bench (National Record)
2014  USPA American Cup Powerlifting Meet - 2nd (new pr raw total of 2,000 lbs)
2013  Mr. Olympia Pro Powerlifting Meet - Champion(new pr total of 2,298 lbs and bench pr 780 lbs)
2013  USPA National Championships - Champion*Qualified for the Olympia
2013  LA Fit Expo American Cup Pro Powerlifting Invitational - Champion
2013  Camp Pendleton Open - Champion, awarded best overall lifter
2012  IPL World Championships - Champion(single ply division), awarded best overall lifter
2012  Mr. Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships participant
2012  USPA Los Angeles Fit Expo Benchpress and Deadlift Invitational
2010-2011 Marine Corps CP Male Athlete of the Year
2011  Mr. Olympia Pro Powerlifting Championships - 2nd
2011  USPA National Powerlifting Championships - Champion(USPA 308lb class World Record PR 738lbs)
2011  USPA Patriot Games Powerlifting Championships -Champion and Best overall lifter (State Record PR 683lbs)
2011  USPA California State Powerlifting Championships - Champion and Best overall lifter RAW (534lbs)
2011  USPA Los Angeles Fit Expo Benchpress and Deadlift Invitational (661lbs)
2010  USPA Camp Pendleton Open Powerlifting Meet - Won over 8 awards and set a new PR in bench with 661lbs
2010  WPF World Championships – Champion and overall best bencher: 275lb class *Bench PR= 600lbs
2010  Strongest Warrior Competition – 2nd
2010  Military Nationals Powerlifting – Champion
2009  Camp Leatherneck Bench Press – Champion
2009  Camp Pendleton’s Bench Press – Champion
2008  Okinawa, Japan Strongman Competition – Champion
2008  Kinserfest Bench Press – Champion
2008  Camp Courtney Bench Press – Champion
2008  Futemna “fight line” Fest Bench Press – Champion
2008  Camp Foster Powerlifting Meet – Championa
2008  Camp Kinser Powerlifting Meet – Champion
2008  Camp Kinser Bench Press – Champion

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